Turning Care Into Action

The mission of ISCU, formerly known as CU FAIR, is to support the resettlement of immigrants, refugees & political asylees in their transition from dependency to full self-sufficiency. ISCU originally organized in early 2016 in response to the Syrian refugee crisis.

Since its humble beginning, ISCU has grown to include the support of over thirty-five (35) faith-based and community groups and hundreds of individuals from diverse backgrounds, country-of-origin, race, religion, ethnicity, and professional and social status.

ISCU currently works with immigrants, refugees & political asylees from Afghanistan, Iraq, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Central America, and more.

We support our new friends and neighbors in finding housing and jobs, securing medical care and available benefits, identifying optimal English-as-a-Second-Language training, financial management, budgeting and with social and cultural integration.

At ISCU, we don't just give our new friends & neighbors a fish.  We teach them how to fish.