Baby Laundry Hanging on a Clothesline



Sofas & chairs Dining table and chairs Bed frames Cribs Rocking chair Dressers End tables Textiles Rugs Curtains


Pots & pans Baking trays Slow cookers Rice makers Teapots Microwaves


Sheets - queen & twin Quilts Duvets + covers Pillows Blankets

Most Needed

These are the items our friends need most. Mattresses (Full, Queen) Sheets (Twin XL, Full, Queen) Blankets (Twin XL, Full, Queen) Comforters (Twin XL, Full, Queen) Pillows Kitchen Supplies Pots & pans Baking dishes Stew pots Small appliances (mixers, crock pots, etc.) Mixing bowls Measuring cups & spoons Colanders Pizza pans Refrigerators Stoves Microwaves Washers Dryers Back-to-School Supplies for K-12 students: Backpacks Pencil cases Pencils (Ticonderoga only, please) Pens (black, blue, red) Crayons Markers Rulers Erasers Glue Sticks Wide-rule paper Notebooks Baby & Toddler Items: Diapers (especially sizes 4, 5, 6) Baby Cribs Infant Car Seats Toddler Car Seats Toddler Booster Seats Cribs High Chairs Strollers Baby & Toddler Clothing (Sizes 0-6)

PLEASE NOTE:  Until we post information (here and in our newsletter) about accepting donations,  we are only accepting a few items for babies and toddlers.


We accept new and gently-used household goods as well as baby and toddler items, and will pick them up from your home. 

Families in need of household goods or baby and toddler items, please contact ISCU.