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Our Story

Programs and Services

Case management Program:

ISCU takes a holistic approach, supporting our clients in various aspects. From conducting depression screenings to connecting clients with mental health services and legal aid, we address concerns like food security, medical care, housing, employment, and education.

Transportation Program:

ISCU arranges transportation for clients to medical appointments, immigration court or related appointments within their legal process. This service removes a major barrier to accessing health services and legal justice. We also teach our clients to navigate the public transportation system.

New Beginnings Assistance Program:

 This program extends a helping hand to new immigrants by providing gently used furniture and household items. This initiative operates through our volunteer-run warehouse, fueled by donations from our community members.

Community Health Program:

 Using a Team of Community Health Navigators, ISCU screens clients for Social Determinant of Health Issues(SDOH), make service referrals as appropriate, sponsors, and participates in, outreach events promoting health awareness.

Volunteer program:

Our volunteer program warmly welcomes all community members who are interested in supporting ISCU with its daily operations.

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