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ISCU offers support and services to our immigrant and refugee communities primarily through the financial support of faith-based and community groups and caring individuals like you. Please donate today to assure our work continues. 

If you make a monetary donation, you may earmark your donation for either of the following funds by writing the designation in the "note" section of the Paypal donation portal:


ISCU General Fund

A donation here will help cover costs associated with administering the various funding channels we manage and pandemic relief. These administrative tasks are most often performed by our paid staff, including our executive director who oversees the distribution of monies from the various grants and funding pools, two part-time community guides who help families fill out applications for assistance, act as interpreters, and connect families to resources in the communities, and two part-time drivers/storeroom workers, who pick up and deliver food to food distribution sites and individual families, as well as pick up donations and deliver household goods requested by families.


Immigrant Emergency Assistance Fund

ISCU, Bend the Arc of CU, Immigrant Justice Task Force of the UUUC Church and the CU Immigration Forum come together to provide financial assistance for immigrants facing an urgent need not related to the pandemic, and usually in excess of each individual organization’s quick financial response capacity.

If you wish to make a donation by check, please mail to ISCU P.O. Box 364 Urbana, IL 61803.

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